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The Book of The Royal Enfield, 1922 - 1928

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The Book of The Royal Enfield.
Repairs & Maintenance, 1922 - 1928.


This First Edition of the Pitman's publication, 'The Book of The Royal Enfield' covers the repair and maintenance of all Royal Enfield models made between 1922 and 1928.

Includes: 2 1/4 hp Standard, Deluxe & Open-Frame Two-strokes; 2 3/4 hp Standard, Model 350, OHV Sports & OHV Double Port; 8 hp Standard, Deluxe & Sports Combinations.

This manual is a quality reproduction.

Covered: Types of Enfield machines; accessories (eg lighting, horns, accumulators); mechanical first principles; the carburettor & magneto; mechanical details of the engines - care and maintenance; the transmission, frame and wheels; care of the transmission and cycle parts; engine troubles; glossary of motorcycling terms.

Professionally printed, 21cm x 14.5cm,
90 Pages. 12.95

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