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The Bullet-In
The Magazine For All
Royal Enfield Bullet Enthusiasts
This complete collection of The Bullet-In comprises every issue from April 2001 to the final TBI in September 2003 in full colour and at a specially discounted price.

There are 30 months (528 pages) of TBI stored in full colour on this CD. This is a treasure trove of information about Royal Enfield Bullets and a must-have item for anyone who wants a handy reference guide or who just wants to sit and dream about the many models and their modifications.

Included: many rare Royal Enfield motorcycles; test rides and reviews from all over Britain, Eire, Holland and India plus an inside experience of the Indian factory; maintenance; restoration; readers’ tips and letters; news; history and profiles.
Technical Articles: Engine strip-down, Big end; How to set your Bullet's carburettor for optimal performance; Bullet wheel alignment; How to prepare your Bullet to ride during winter; How to set your Bullet's tappets and points; Bullet lubrication; Bullet exhaust system options; How to improve an Enfield 7" twin leading shoe front brake; Simple modifications to improve your Bullet's performance; Preventative maintenance and servicing after a winter lay-up, How to polish the alloy on your Bullet, How to fit performance cams to your Bullet. Restoration - Bottom end assembly, the cylinder head, barrel & piston, the gearbox parts 1 & 2; Plus How to set your Bullet's ignition timing; How to fit an audio indicator warning device to your Bullet; How to change fork seals on pre & post 1988 Bullets; How new Bullets are prepared by USA dealers; How to improve the battery holder on your Bullet; How to decoke your Bullet; How to up & down gear your Bullet; Essential Bullet tools; Bullet wheel alignment. Restoration: The gearbox parts 3 & 4, oil pumps and oil filter, clutch & primary chaincase, Plus How to set Bullet electronic ignition timing, magneto Bullet ignition timing, Indian Bullet electrics 1987-1999 & post June 1999, How to date your Indian Bullet, Get more power from your Bullet.

Reviews: 500cc Scrambles Bullet; 2001 500cc
Military Bullet; 1958 Redditch Bullet with 1989 350cc Indian engine; 1944 350cc CO; 1999 500cc Bullet with GP 700 Sidecar; 350cc Hatz diesel Bullet; 350cc home trials conversion; 1960 350cc Bullet, 450cc big bore Bullet; 611cc big bore Bullet, 350T (Trail) Bullet; 1992 500cc Bullet deluxe; 1955 500cc Bullet; 1949 350cc Bullet roadster; 1953 350cc Racing Bullet; 1999 500cc improved Bullet; 2001 350cc Bullet & Stratford sidecar; 1953 500cc Bullet racer; 2001 500s Clubman; 1960 500cc Bullet; 1953 500cc Bullet, 1970s Bullet found in a garden, 1963 350cc New Bullet; Hitchcock's 535cc Bullet café racer; 2002 Electric Start 500cc Bullet, 625cc Big Bore Bullet, 1995 421cc Robin Diesel Bullet, 1949 350cc Trials Bullet. New 500cc Bullet Sixty-5 (with 5-speed gearbox); 1956 350cc Bullet; 350cc and 500cc tuned and modified Dutch Bullets; 1991 customised 500cc Bullet with GP Sports sidecar; 1992 500cc Bullet cafe racer (with AJS 7R tank); 1953 350cc Model G; 1959 500cc Bullet Fury; 1979 350cc Bullet; Hybrid Bullet-Indian frame & Redditch engine; 1955 350cc Trials Bullet; 1960 500cc Big Head Bullet Airflow; 1987 350cc Bullet; Hitchcock's 500cc Bullet with racing fairing; 1952 350cc Bullet; Supercharged Diesel Bullet; 350cc Bullet Electra; Modified 1994 350cc Bullet: 1959 500cc Big Head Bullet; 1956 500cc Bullet; 1994 500cc twin spark plugs Bullet; 1961 350cc Bullet; 500cc Lean Burn Bullet prototype; 1953 350cc Bullet, Hitchcock’s Trials Bullet; 1954 500cc Bullet; 500cc Bullet Lightning; 1000cc V-Twin Bullet (Norcroft); Hayward's Bullet 500 TT Roadster. 1959 500cc Bullet Airflow, A350 Lean Burn Bullet Machismo, 1979 350cc Bullet, 2002 500cc silver Bullet with Meteor sidecar, 1959 350cc Bullet, 500cc Bullet chopper, 1954 500cc J2, 2003 Bullet Thunderbird, DRS racing Bullet, 535cc Bullet Lightning, 500cc Bullet Twin, 350cc home conversion Trials Bullet, 1991 500cc Bullet, 1992 500cc Bullet Superstar, 1946 350cc Model G, 1960 500cc Big Head Bullet café racer, 1957 500cc Bullet Woodsman, 1978 Indian / 1961 British hybrid Bullet, 1938 500cc J2 Bullet, 500cc Bullet & Cozy sidecar, 1966 250cc Continental GT & 2003 500cc Bullet Sixty-5 5 speed gearbox test, 1962 350cc Bathtub Bullet, 1958 350cc Indian Bullet, 2002 Trail Bullet.

Plus profiles, tips, news and features.

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